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Do you know that canines inside the Pit Bull household make up 5.8% of the U.S.’s canine inhabitants? Pit bulls could be traced again to the early 1800’s within the U.Okay. Many individuals who examine canines say that their breed descends from the Outdated English Bulldog.

Whenever you hear ‘Pit Bull’, what’s your first thought? Is it loyalty, silliness, or household? Is it their candy eyes and goofy smiles? Or do you affiliate Pit Bulls with dogfighting, viciousness, and worry?

It’s no secret: Pit Bulls get a nasty rap. The media tends to sensationalize the unfavourable Pit Bull tales, alarming the general public for a information story that individuals will click on on. In actuality, these tales are sometimes the results of dangerous possession, not dangerous canines. Similar to proudly owning any massive, muscular breed like a German Shepherd, Akita, or Doberman, Pit Bulls simply want coaching, path, and love. Regardless of what chances are you’ll suppose, Pit Bulls could be wonderful household canines who will love you unconditionally.

Info Abou Pit Bulls

Brown Pit Bull on street

  • A Pit Bull is not a breed! The time period “Pit Bull” features a multitude of various canine breeds such because the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bully.
  • They have been bred for canine preventing. Though some Pit Bulls are very dog-friendly, playtime with different animals should all the time be rigorously monitored.
  • Pit Bulls are extremely human-friendly. They have been bred to be! As of December 2017, the American Pit Bull Terrier has a passing charge of 4% for temperament in response to the American Temperament Test Society. A temperament check gauges how properly canines react to new folks and completely different environments. They carried out higher than many widespread household canines corresponding to Beagles, Chihuahuas, Collies, Poodles, and even Golden Retrievers.
  • Canine are sometimes misidentified as Pit Bulls. “Pit-Bull sort” canines have been visually misidentified 60% of the time in a recent study. There are solely 4 breeds which can be thought of Pit Bulls, however many canines have a “Pit Bull look.” Due to this, Pit Bulls are getting blamed for incidents they didn’t commit due to misidentification, inflicting inaccurate statistics.

Debunking Myths about Pit Bulls

Black Pit Bull on sand

Fable: Pit Bulls have locking jaws.

Individuals mistakenly consider that Pit Bulls have locking jaws, clamping down on prey and by no means releasing. This makes Pit Bulls look like pure born killers. In actuality, their jaws aren’t any completely different than different canines’ jaws. There may be nothing particular a few Pit Bull’s jaw! The rationale they appear like they’ve locking jaws is due to their willpower. They gained’t let go of that toy as a result of they don’t wish to, not as a result of their jaw locked.

Fable: Pit Bulls have the deadliest chew.

A Pit Bull’s chew is feared by many individuals. Some folks consider that Pit Bulls have an otherworldly power in relation to biting. Surprisingly, when in comparison with different canines, the drive of a Pit Bull’s bite ranks nineteenth with 235 PSI. German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies each have stronger bites than Pit Bulls. The strongest chew recorded from a canine is from the Kangal with a chew drive of 743 PSI.

Fable: Pit Bulls are innately vicious.

Some folks say that Pit Bulls are merely born vicious, predestined for monstrous deeds. This isn’t true. Every Pit Bull has a special persona. Whereas it’s true that Pit Bulls have been bred for canine preventing, there may be one other enormous issue that performs right into a Pit Bull’s conduct: environment. Atmosphere performs an enormous issue within the growth of a Pit Bull. A Pit Bull’s response is a product of genetics AND surroundings. That’s the reason an proprietor’s accountability and data are so essential when proudly owning a Pit Bull or every other canine.

Fable: Dog aggression means human aggression.

Some folks consider that canine aggression is a direct correlation to human aggression. This might not be farther from the reality. Pit Bulls which can be aggressive in the direction of people are anomalies, in all probability having suffered from abuse, neglect, or a scarcity of socialization.

Pit Bulls wish to cuddle in your lap, not chew you. Give it some thought: a Golden Retriever would possibly kill a rabbit in your yard, however you in all probability wouldn’t fear about it biting you. Why are there double requirements for Pit Bulls?

Fable: Pit Bulls are harmful to have round kids.

Some folks assume that Pit Bulls are harmful to have round youngsters, believing that Pit Bulls will mistake youngsters as prey. That is unfaithful. Pit Bulls make improbable companions to them since Pit Bulls are identified for being loyal and protecting. In fact, Pit Bulls, in addition to any canine, ought to all the time be supervised round youngsters. Make sure that the youngsters concerned perceive the Pit Bull’s boundaries and don’t do something to annoy the canine.

Fable: Solely “tough” folks personal Pit Bulls.

Whenever you consider a Pit Bull proprietor, who do you consider? Many individuals consider gang members, drug sellers, or dogfighters. Why don’t we initially affiliate Pit Bulls with upstanding residents? This preconception is hurtful for each the canine and the proprietor.

Fable: Pit Bulls must be the only dog in the home.

Whereas it’s true that Pit Bulls have the potential to be canine aggressive, every Pit Bull is completely different. The whole lot is dependent upon the person Pit Bull’s persona. Some Pit Bulls are very pleasant with different canines, whereas others usually are not. Many Pit Bulls reside efficiently with different canines in the home. With that being mentioned, Pit Bulls ought to all the time be monitored round different animals. If the scenario can’t be supervised, the animals ought to be saved separated both in crates, kennels or in fully completely different rooms.

Fable: It’s higher to undertake a Pit Bull puppy as a substitute of an grownup.

Individuals suppose that deciding on a Pit Bull pet ensures the end result of their canine. They consider that they’ll forestall canine aggression and different points by elevating a Pit Bull themselves. That is unfaithful. It’s simpler to undertake a totally mature Pit Bull. With a totally mature Pit Bull, you’ll already know the canine’s behavioral patterns and measurement. There will likely be fewer surprises.

Pit Bull Yawns

Pit Bulls mature slowly, and their conduct can fully change in the course of the maturation course of. A Pit Bull that was canine pleasant as a pet might transform canine aggressive after maturing.

Spaying and neutering may also help to keep away from the “swap” from pet to maturity, however nothing is assured. However adopting a Pit Bull pet is a present for you each, so you will need to pay attention to potential challenges.

Methods to Take Care of Pit Bulls

  1. Do your analysis

Analysis is important when desirous about introducing any canine into your private home, however it’s particularly essential for a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls require knowledgeable and skilled house owners. This text from Save-A-Bull is a wonderful place to start out your analysis.

  1. Spay/Neuter

Maintain Pit Bulls out of shelters by spaying and neutering your Pit Bull. Nearly half a million Pit Bulls are euthanized in shelters yearly.

  1. Be Ready For Common Health Problems

Some widespread well being issues Pit Bulls could face:

  • Hip Dysplasia: handled with surgical procedure and correct weight management (covered by Prudent Pet)
  • Cataracts: handled with surgical procedure however are typically left untreated (covered by Prudent Pet)
  • Coronary heart Illness and Congenital Coronary heart Defects: could require surgical procedure and medicine however not all the time (coated by Prudent Pet)
  • Allergies: could be handled with antihistamines (coated by Prudent Pet)
  • Obesity: handled with correct weight administration

Enrolling your Pitty in dog insurance helps guarantee your new pet pal could have the medical health insurance they want all through their life. Most of the above circumstances could be covered by health insurance, so long as they’re enrolled earlier than the problems happen.

  1. Vaccinate

Pit Bulls are liable to distemper and parvo, so they need to be vaccinated early.

  1. Have an Emergency Plan

In case of a medical emergency, it’s all the time good to have a plan financially. What in case your canine breaks its leg on the canine park? The very last thing you wish to fear about is cash. At Prudent Pet, you will get a free pet insurance quote in a number of clicks. With dog insurance, each you and your canine can sleep soundly realizing that you simply’re coated (with pet insurance coverage and fuzzy blankets, in fact).

  1. Training is Mandatory

Educate them fundamental instructions corresponding to sit, keep, and are available. Make sure that to socialize them with canines and folks as quickly as potential.

Use optimistic reinforcement as a substitute of unfavourable coaching. In case your canine does one thing properly, give them a deal with or a stomach rub. Attempt to keep away from punishment after they do one thing fallacious. Punishment can result in elevated aggression.

  1. Be Accountable

Being a responsible Pit Bull proprietor is important. When you’ve got a Pit Bull, you’re a breed ambassador. Pit Bulls require skilled house owners. There may be little room for error.

Pit Bull Consciousness

Pit Bull at national park

There are two principal methods to unfold consciousness about Pit Bulls: undertake and educate.

Every year, a big day and whole month are devoted to Pit Bulls, as Pit Bull advocates try to clear up the misconceptions about this breed and educate the general public on this severely misunderstood canine.

Nationwide Pit Bull Consciousness Day

Nationwide Pit Bull Consciousness Day is on October 26, 2019. Actually, your entire month of October is Nationwide Pit Bull Consciousness Month!

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was created by Jodi Preis of Bless the Bullys in 2007 to honor her first Pit Bull Tiffin. She needed a day the place folks might study concerning the true nature of Pit Bulls in hopes of erasing years of unfair unfavourable stereotypes.

Methods You Can Assist:

  1. Attend an occasion: Try this text to examine a number of of the National Pit Bull Awareness Day events over time.
  2. Play with a Pit Bull: Pit Bulls are all over the place–your native shelter, rescue organizations, or perhaps even your buddy’s home! Play with them and see their true nature for your self!
  3. Donate: Whether or not it’s your time or cash, these canines want your help in shelters and rescue organizations. Contact your native shelter to see what’s on their want record.
  4. Put up to social media: Let different folks acknowledge how stunning these canines actually are! Use the hashtag #NationalPitBullAwarenessDay to share your experiences.
  1. Undertake: For those who really feel like a Pit Bull is the fitting match for you, you may adopt one at your local shelter or rescue organization! Earlier than making that vast step, guarantee that adoption is best for you. As Christina Francy, the founding father of Ducky’s Bravo Squad, suggests:

“It’s best to all the time look into getting a canine that matches your way of life. One of the best ways to try this is by fostering a canine. Fostering canines not solely assist get a canine out of the shelter, however you can even do a foster-to-adopt prefer it’s a baby. ”

If adoption is one thing that you simply’re concerned about, get your private home prepared for a foster canine trial run and lots of slobbery kisses! Earlier than rescuing or fostering a furry buddy, all the time guarantee that your house of residency permits Pit Bulls. Some cities ban the breed fully because of unfair breed-specific legislation (BSL).

Black Pit Bull at beach

Nationwide Pit Bull Consciousness Month

October is Nationwide Pit Bull Consciousness Month. This month celebrates and brings to mild the true nature of Pit Bulls, not the unfair unfavourable stereotypes typically portrayed within the information.

For those who select to undertake, be certain a Pit Bull is best for you. Being an proprietor is a lifetime dedication. For those who can’t undertake, all the time educate others on one of the crucial villainized canines.

Pit Bull Rescues

White Pit Bull on couch

Prudent Pet desires to acknowledge among the rescues who’re doing superb work for these severely misunderstood canines.

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue

The Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is a nonprofit group based in April 2009 by Laura Grey-Haug. The rescue is a very volunteer and foster-based rescue group positioned within the Andover, Minnesota space.

The Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue:

  • Takes in 100+ canines yearly (on monitor to double that quantity in 2019)
  • Has about 100 volunteers
  • Works with 20-30 foster houses on a full-time or non permanent foundation
  • Provides all of their canines obedience coaching

To study extra about Pit Bulls and the Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue, we interviewed Natalie Hayford, the Volunteer Coordinator of the rescue.

Q: What’s the mission on your rescue?

A: Our tagline is discovering stable canines stable houses. Our mission is for our canines to be breed ambassadors, so all of the canines adopted by means of our program are required to enroll in an 8-week obedience course. Principally, we wish to change the unfavourable notion of Pit Bulls. We’re making an attempt to fight that with optimistic issues.

Q: What are your ideas on breed-specific legislation?

A: I feel it’s horrible. They’re judging off of sure canines, not on the canine itself. For my part, there could be dangerous Pit Bulls. There could be dangerous breeding and genetics; there could be points. However they’re additionally actually good canines. Similar to with folks, they’re discriminating based mostly on the seems of the canine and never based mostly on their persona or on their house owners — what coaching they’ve put in or what boundaries and guidelines they’ve established for his or her canine. I feel it’s extraordinarily unfair. Pit Bull isn’t an official breed; there are a number of breeds lumped into that. There are additionally canines that sort of seem like a kind of breeds. They’re getting discriminated towards as properly, which isn’t truthful.

Q: What are some misconceptions you’ve heard about Pit Bulls?

A: I’ve heard various things a few locking jaw, which isn’t potential. You hear within the information and also you take a look at the articles: “A Pit Bull did this.” For those who learn an article with a special breed, they don’t even point out the breed. Why are folks singling out a Pit Bull-type canine?

There are misconceptions of them being imply and scary. These canines appear massive and robust, which they’re, however they wish to be lap canines too.

Individuals suppose they’re bred for preventing due to the terrier in them, however that’s not their aim. They don’t set out for that. Human and canine aggression could possibly be from dangerous breeding or genetics, nevertheless it could possibly be managed as properly. It’s not one thing in each single Pit Bull-type breed.

Pit Bull on grass land

“Individuals suppose that they don’t have time to foster, however we don’t want an entire lot of time. These canines are both in a shelter in a kennel or they are often in your house. Being in your house in a crate is a way more enjoyable and quieter surroundings than a shelter with tons of of different canines which can be barking and crying all day. And fostering is totally free. We simply want folks to open up their houses and hearts.”

– Natalie Hayford

View this rescue’s adoptable dogs. Are you unable to undertake or foster? Donate or sponsor a Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue canine immediately.


Love-A-Bull grew out of the previous Austin American Pit Bull Terrier Meetup Group, which was shaped in 2003. They achieved 501(c)(3) standing in 2008, and so they’re a foster-based rescue positioned within the Austin, Texas, space.

This rescue helps their neighborhood by means of spay/neuter, housing assets, monetary help, and free coaching. Love-A-Bull additionally operates one of many nation’s first all-Pit Bull sort canine remedy program, which offers remedy canines to folks in want.

To study extra about Pit Bulls, we emailed Crystal Dunn, the Vice President of Love-A-Bull.

Q: What would you want the general public to find out about Pit Bulls?

A: There isn’t any one trait that fits all Pit Bull-type canines. Genetically, they’re no completely different from every other canine, however saying Pit Bulls are all the identical is like saying all retrievers are the identical.

The Pit Bull household consists of at the least three completely different breeds, however many argue this extends to much more with all of the crossbreeding taking place inside the breed household. Amongst them, their temperaments and personalities are as different as we’re, excelling in a myriad of roles relying on the person.

Pit Bulls are pets, police dogs, athletes, service dogs, and remedy canines, to call a number of. The actual fact they’re typically focused by aggressive folks doesn’t outline who they’re, however relatively their plight. Nevertheless, they’re always gaining recognition with households and proceed to be one of many mostly adopted canines within the U.S.

View Love-A-Bull’s adoptable dogs. Are you unable to undertake or foster? Donate or rock some Love-A-Bull merch.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

Pit Bull holds a toy

The Missouri Pit Bull Rescue was based in 1998 by husband and spouse Veronique and Robert Chesser. It’s based mostly in Kansas Metropolis, Missouri, and the rescue is a 501(c)(3) that makes use of each foster houses and a shelter. They have been renting a shelter since 2002, however in 2016, Missouri Pit Bull Rescue designed and conceived their very personal home-like shelter, which they constructed by hand! Their facility isn’t open to the general public, however visits could be made by way of appointment.

The Missouri Pit Bull Rescue:

  • Went from saving 20 Pit Bulls in 2000 to now over 100 canines a 12 months
  • At present has over 50 lively volunteers
  • Has 12 foster houses

“We’re maintaining our chins up nevertheless, as we all know our arduous work is important even when we solely make a dent within the grand scheme of issues. Serving to 1 canine gained’t change the world, however it would change the world for that 1 canine.”

–the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue web site

View their adoptable girls and boys. Are you unable to undertake or foster? Donate or store their store.

White Pit Bull close up

Ducky’s Bravo Squad

Ducky’s Bravo Squad was based in March 2014 by Christina Francy. The group was named after Ducky, Christina’s stunning grey Pit Bull. Bravo Squad pays homage to her husband’s time within the army.

Ducky’s Bravo Squad is a nonprofit group positioned within the west suburbs of Chicago. They’re an deliberately small foster-based rescue to allow them to focus their consideration on the canines of their care. Whereas they foster to all breeds, they principally rescue Pit Bulls.

2 Pit Bulls in back yard

To study extra about Pit Bulls and Ducky’s Bravo Squad, we interviewed Christina Francy, the founder of Ducky’s Bravo Squad.

Q: You’ve extra Pit Bulls in your rescue than different canines. Why do you suppose that’s?

A: Pit Bulls are the most populated canines within the U.S. shelters. It’s as a result of folks don’t take the accountability to spay and neuter. Persons are nonetheless shopping for from breeders; folks breed canines to struggle them. It’s a vicious cycle.

Once we’re pulling canines, 9/10 instances that canine goes to be a Pit Bull. They’re essentially the most in danger. They’re massive breed canines, in order that they take up lots of room at a shelter. Sadly, they’re the toughest to undertake out. Loads of locations like residence complexes, condominium associations, and townhome associations have breed restriction. So, you’ll discover that the explanation Pit Bulls find yourself in shelters is as a result of house owners couldn’t take them with after they moved, or their landlord made them eliminate the canine. The world that we reside in proper now isn’t helpful for a Pit Bull-type canine.

Two Pit Bulls wearing pajamas

Q: What recommendation would you give to somebody desirous about adopting a Pit Bull?

A: Whenever you’re taking a look at adopting a canine, take into consideration your way of life. It’s best to all the time look into getting a canine that matches your way of life. One of the best ways to try this is by fostering a canine. Fostering canines not solely helps get them out of the shelter, however you can even do a foster-to-adopt prefer it’s a baby. If the canine doesn’t match properly into your private home, you continue to did an important factor by fostering.

Please put money into coaching — simply basic items. I’m not asking on your canine to turn into a remedy canine. It’s vital to do coaching since you’re additionally coaching your self. Coaching helps you’ve got management of your canine.

Everybody in the home must be on board with adopting any canine, however particularly a Pit Bull. I all the time recommend not stunning your husband or spouse with a canine. That by no means works out properly.

Be ready. Have a crate. Have every thing you want earlier than you undertake a canine so that you simply’re not scrambling final minute for provides.

Educate your self on one of the best food plan for canines, particularly for Pit Bulls. Loads of them include allergies. It’s all the time vital to do your analysis. Be ready for any bodily and genetic points that come together with the canine. For those who’re working or at college all day, including a canine to your own home and leaving it is extremely anxious. Put together to take some trip days to settle your canine in. Be affected person. Know that it’s not going to be an in a single day scenario.

Take it sluggish. You probably have one other canine at dwelling and so they’ve already carried out a meet-and-greet in a impartial place, don’t take the leash off and allow them to go at it in the home instantly. You continue to must acclimate your canines. Maintain them separated. Gate them off. Allow them to see one another by means of the gate. Do issues slowly. Persistence is a advantage.

Suggestions from Christina:

  • For those who don’t have the funds to make a financial donation, you may increase cash by fundraising! You’ll be able to even fundraise on Facebook on your birthday.
  • Volunteer your time at a rescue. For those who’re not good with canines, there are different issues you are able to do! For instance, you could be an accountant.
  • For those who foster, be certain the rescue is paying for the canine’s medical payments, bedding, and vital provides.
  • There are other ways to foster. You generally is a non permanent foster, a long-term foster, a foster-to-adopt, or a hospice foster.
  • If a rescue is a 501(c)(3), it signifies that it’s thought of a not-for-profit by the IRS. Which means all donations and adoption charges to that rescue are tax-deductible.

If you wish to help this rescue, you may donate.

PittieLove Rescue

PittieLove Rescue was founded by Noreen Ford in February 2006. It was solidified as a nonprofit in 2016. It’s an all-volunteer, foster home-based rescue positioned in Framingham, Massachusetts.

“Dedication and fortitude are two of [Pit Bulls’] most vital traits; they put their coronary heart and soul into all that they do.”

–  the PittieLove Rescue web site

View their adoptable dogs. Are you unable to undertake or foster? Donate or sponsor a PittieLove Rescue canine immediately.

Villalobos Rescue Middle

Villalobos Rescue Center, the biggest Pit Bull facility on this planet, has been broadcasted on the TV present Pit Bulls and Parolees since October 30, 2009. The rescue based by Tia Torres was in Los Angeles County for nearly 20 years till it was moved to New Orleans in August 2012. “Villalobos” means “Home of Wolves” in Spanish. They began as a wolf rescue within the early ’90s however turned a Pit Bull rescue in 1994 and saved the identify.

Villalobos Rescue Facts::

  • Each day common of 300-400 canines
  • Common adoption charge is about 30-40 canines a month
  • Takes in round 100 canines a month
  • Prices roughly $8,000 a day to run Villalobos Rescue Middle
  • They undergo 7,000 kilos or extra of pet food per week
  • Yearly vet invoice is about $500,000

“My mission is to rescue. My hope is that at some point I gained’t need to.”

– Tia Torres from the Villalobos Rescue Middle web site

View their adoptable dogs. Are you unable to undertake or foster? Donate or sponsor a Villalobos canine immediately.

Pit Bull lies on garden

All these rescues have one factor in widespread: dedicating their lives to provide Pit Bulls the highest quality of life potential. Their dedication and arduous work are past admirable. The least we will do is acknowledge their superb accomplishments and find out about these treasured canines.

For Pit Bull Consciousness Month, help the organizations and rescues who’re doing improbable work for these stunning canines. Donating your time, cash, and houses (for fosters) is all the time a lot appreciated and wanted by these rescues. You’re essential in saving these canines’ lives.

The Significance of Pit Bull Consciousness

Being type to animals can begin with educating your self and others about their traits and fundamental wants. Anybody could be an advocate for Pit Bulls. All of it begins with an open thoughts and the will to do the fitting factor for all animals.

At the moment, the variety of animals being killed in U.S. shelters is estimated to be 733,000 per 12 months, in response to Best Friends. Sadly, Pit Bulls are by far the almost certainly to be euthanized. You are able to do your half to assist these animals by studying about animal rescue organizations who’re advocating and defending the loveable Pit Bull.

Conserving Your Pit Bull Wholesome with Prudent Pet Insurance coverage

We hope after studying our article on how great Pit Bulls can actually be, chances are you’ll be considering of fostering or adopting one sooner or later. Earlier than you achieve this, defend your self towards sudden vet payments by enrolling your new four-legged buddy in dog insurance. Prudent Pet Insurance coverage provides all kinds of plans to suit any price range. We satisfaction ourselves in being one of the crucial inclusive pet insurance coverage within the business with no breed or age restrictions.

Put your self in a company that enables has you and your furry buddy’s greatest curiosity at coronary heart. Give our pleasant brokers (in addition to licensed veterinary technicians) a name at 888.820.7739 or click here to get a FREE dog insurance quote immediately.

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